Physical Conditioning and Training

We all love the hiking experience. Arrive at the trailhead strong and confident for the next big summit you conquer.

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Hike Conditioning

This program teaches you:
  1. Functional exercise specific to hiking.

  2. How to improve and maintain your cardiovascular performance.

  3. Improving Joint stability.

  4. Leg and core strength training.

  5. Long-term skills. 

Ideal Bodyweight Training

This program teaches you:
  1. Increasing metabolism for long term weight management.

  2. Safe and effective practices in gym environments.

  3. Monthly cycled regimen to keep you progressing. 

  4. Nutritional coaching.

Strength Training

This program teaches you:
  1. Safe and effective geometry and technics for building muscle.

  2. Fueling your progress with nutrition.

  3. Long-term program variations.

  4. Targeting areas of your body while maintaining muscular balance.

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Single Session Jump Start

Jump Start Session Includes:

  • Fitness Assesment

  • Fitness Testing

  • Personalized Workout​

$20 (limit one per client)

Hike Conditioning

When: Day and evening slots available.

 I have delivered over 3000 hours of training and 700 hikes. Each one was focused on what makes a productive, informative and enjoyable experience for my clients. -Mike E. Middleton- Hiking Guide/Trainer

Where: Gym access on the Southside and Peninsula
Duration/Frequency: One-hour sessions 2-4 times per week.