Norfolk Chronicles- Walking Tour

Take in the cultural, political, and economic heritage that pollinated our riverfront districts.

 Some of what you will hear about:


1680- 10,000 lbs of tobacco was paid for 50 acres that became the Town of Norfolk.


1754- On April 1st, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Robert Dinwiddie presented Norfolk with this silver ceremonial mace.


1900- Visionary Peter North drove the first car, a “steamer”, down Norfolk’s Main Street.


Points of interest on the tour:

  • The Norfolk Mace

  • Owen B. Pickette US Customs House

  • The Myers House

  • The Hunter House Museum

  • The Pagoda Garden and many more.


Our tour begins at the Waterside Ferry Dock(behind the mall) at 333 Waterside Drive in Norfolk, Va.

Our Route: From the Ferry Dock we head over to Freemason, across the Hauge and then head back to the Downtown District. 

When: Spring and summer tours start at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

How to sign up: Click on the CHECK AVAILABILITY button and choose a date with the down arrow from the paypal link. 

Duration and Distance: We walk 4 miles in 2.5 hours.

What will we see?  See Iconic public Buildings, historical homes along with cultural and historical artifacts. 

A Victorian building boom populated the Hague waterfront around 1900.