NEON Contemporary Art Tour

  • You will hear brief, artist-approved, narratives on 26 works of art and their creators.

  • You will be guided on an insightfully coordinated route.

  • You will feel the New Energy of Norfolk in the NEON District.

 The NEON Experience:

 We will encounter next-level and interactive pieces created in high tech mediums and classic street murals.


There are fresh, stoic and high-tech works of art thanks to our family of artists.


 Each artist has a story and each piece a spirit.

 Our two-mile exploration takes 2 hours to compete.

Where: Our tour begins outside 

the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio at 754 Duke Street in Norfolk, Va

When: Spring and summer tours begin at 7 or 7:30 pm. 

       Join us for a unique pedestrian experience of art, culture, and community.

Every artist with a piece featured on our tour was provided with the narrative related to their respective works. Some responded with valuable feedback and others a kind nod. So what we will convey about the art is synced with the creator's visions and is genuine.

About your host, Mike: Having hosted over 600 tours and hikes in and around my hometown of Norfolk, It's been seven years exploring and sharing.


  Explore unseen corridors and complexly woven paths to find hidden gems grand public works of art.

"Thanks to many contributors, large and small, Norfolk’s NEON District public art movement has enhanced the quality of our lives."​

Collective Connectivity-Julia Rogers

Mr. Frog- Sam Hundley

The Chase- Ryan Lytle

Upper Blush- Matthew Geller

Ancient Freedom- Cedric Douglass

Happier TimesTroy Summerall

We can create what we imagine- Julia Rogers & Estaban Del Valle


OXOXO- Jacob Eveland

The DanceAmelia Blair-Langford

ReachHeather Bryant 

Blue Skies- John Rudel

New Energy of NorfolkClay McGlamory & Richard Nickel

NFK-ARTS- Elliot Oddesso

Norfolk Nautical- Chris Soria and Misha Tyutyunik

Transparent Seas- Jason Levesque

 and 11 more