We have done a few day trips here and can't wait to explore this park further...

Here are some critical details about the campsite...


-Walking distance from parking lot to campsite varies from 30 to 180 yards. Handcarts are recommended for carrying gear to sites.


-All food and food containers should be locked inside a vehicle at night or when absent from the campsite.


-The park gate closes and is locked at night. Access in or out is not permitted during closed hours


-This campsite has a bathhouse and fresh water nearby, but no electricity(campfires are allowed and wood is available on site).

Weekend Camp At Hanging Rock

Friday August 10th at 6am-Sunday at 7pm

 Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury, NC has plenty of trails to explore with several caves and waterfalls.


 This is a four-hour drive from our carpool spot in Yorktown.


 Breakfast for campers will be provided Saturday and Sunday Morning. 


 -Friday afternoon we will hike the steep 3 mile round trip to "The Hanging Rock" before setting up camp. This relatively short but often challenging hike is well worth the spectacular vistas at the top.


 -Saturday our group will explore the many trails making sure to visit a few caves and waterfalls. With all the trail options in this park, individuals can opt for moderate or challenging day hikes from the campsite. There is a lot to explore.


 -Sunday we can have a day of leisure, explore nearby parks or hike more trails at Hanging Rock.


 Hikers will need to bring all the provisions and gear needed to live in a campground for two nights (it's not wilderness camping, there is a bathhouse).





 A packing checklist will be posted here soon...


 There is the town of Danbury nearby which has restaurants, grocery stores and such.