Elmerton Cemetery Volunteer Signup 

  Unite as Americans on a righteous and long overdue cause. Help us restore Elmerton Cemetery in Hampton to a respectful state. Black education pioneer Mary Peake rests at Elmerton along with many Africans who were emancipated during our Civil War. 


  The Barrette-Peake Heritage Foundation maintains the cemetery and relies on volunteers.  Covid has sidelined many who have contributed in the past and there is a great need for new volunteers. 


  This project includes trash pickup and lawn maintenance. Our events will be on the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 2-4 pm. 


  We made a pact devoting ourselves to this cause and hope many will join us. Work has begun on a grant to care for Elmerton Cemetery perpetually and we hope to produce a monument to Mary Peake someday.



 Geri Holden

 Mike  Middleton

Volunteer Organizers

Our first event will be on Sunday, July 12th at 2 pm

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All volunteers are required to complete a liability waiver holding the Barrette- Peake Heritage Foundation harmless. Waivers will be available at the start of each event.